Welcome to Ann Reynolds Career Guidance and Development

Welcome To Ann Reynolds Career Guidance and Development

Based in Cambridgeshire with our main office in Peterborough, this careers consultancy was founded in 1995 by Ann Reynolds, a qualified professional careers adviser.

We support people in planning and managing their career. We know that every individual has their hopes and dreams for the future, and their own unique mix of skills, abilities and values. Whatever your age or background, career guidance can help you work out where you want to be and create a plan for getting there.

We also know that things can happen along the way that change your aims and needs. For a bit of extra support preparing for interviews or if things go wrong in your career, we can offer coaching sessions.

Psychometric assessment of your personality type and aptitudes are also available, to give you useful information on which to base your career decisions.

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Ann Reynolds has also been involved with training and qualifications for career guidance practitioners and IAG advisers.

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For providers of IAG qualifications and training - Ann is also an Internal Verifier with experience delivering and quality assuring delivery of OCR and NOCN qualifications in IAG and Advice and Guidance. Click here for more information...

Guidance and coaching for personal growth and development